Dyslexie Font


Every typeface has his function
but most important function
of a typeface is able to be read.

Do you want to read this text in Dyslexie Font please click on the right top corner on the D to set this text in Dyslexie.


Reading with dyslexia? That can be quite a challenge. Dyslexie font offers people with dyslexia a unique typeface to make reading, learning and working easier – always, everywhere and on every device.

Why was a special typeface needed for people with dyslexia? Christian Boer, a dyslexic himself, knew why. While researching ways to improve readability he saw, for the millionth time, words turning and letters mirroring and swapping, and suddenly he knew the answer: a typeface that would prevent these 3D letter movements. He started designing, and the Dyslexie typeface was born.