On this moment we are busy with not only this new website of studiostudio but also with upcoming event of ‘the day of dyslexia’ here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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One key point of design is function. This means feature in a good design to bring the idea across in shape, message and in use of the design. The idea or message is in context shaped by material or and media where it is placed in. What is the function of the media or product and how to bring as clear as possible the idea or message across and utilize this functionally. In this way we do not only produce on request, we advice based on experience and research before coming with solution.
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Clean design focused on function and how far can you go before shape or messaged will be less strong. How to work on an idea to come to the core what brings idea clear and on the spot on. What I life by is. If everybody screams you will hear nobody.


I sometimes get the question “What is an good typeface?”. This depends on context of use. Is it for reading or using it for design or is it a typeface that tells a story itself.

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Graphic design starts with understanding what the clients want to achieve and starts to be creative and innovating in the way to reach this goal.

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By understanding to story of the client and what the user is looking for and what the function of the media is to utilize this. By researching what the user does with the media and find a flow where the users

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Media is changing what gives more opportunity in so many ways to  give better view in ideas, designs and also practical by making 3D models cutting cost in developing. When you see models in 3D you can see forwards and adjust or get idea across.

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